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New Audio Drama Marketplace Calls for Submissions 

Dramafy Invites Audio Storytellers to Submit Their Audio Dramas to Its Library


SALT LAKE CITY – February 16, 2021 – Dramafy, a new marketplace for Audio Dramas, invites audio storytellers to submit their work for inclusion on its service. Dramafy requests stories in all genres to fill this one-stop collection of Audio Dramas. Submissions can be made through their website.

Dramafy is the brainchild of award-winning screenwriter and playwright, Elizabeth Hansen, and former National Geographic Television production manager, Kenneth Harris. After decades in the entertainment industry, Hansen grew weary of conventional film and theater because of the expense and the exhaustive nature of trying to get it distributed. 

“After producing a musical Off-Broadway in New York City in the Fall of 2019, I returned home and told my film producing partner, Ken Harris, that I’m going to write and produce Audio Dramas,” Hansen explains. “They’re creatively fulfilling, cost-effective to produce, and I can create a website that can be a ‘network’ for audio dramas. Ken caught the vision, came up with a way to monetize it, and Dramafy was born.”

Dramafy’s Revenue Sharing Model

Dramafy, a subscription-based service (currently free for beta users), offers a shared income model, based on gross revenue, for its content creators. The more a piece is listened to on Dramafy, the more the content creator may earn.


Harris came up with the revenue sharing program saying that “the entertainment industry’s financial model is outdated and heavily benefits distributors over Content Creators.”  He says this doesn’t fit the emerging streaming industry.

“To benefit from a hit, a creator has to be on the A list, with the right agent, attorney and/or manager, and even then it’s an iffy proposition,” said Harris. “It’s time for Content Creators to have a seat at the financial table, to participate in the potential financial upside.  It’s time to reinvent the industry. We’ve created Dramafy to do just that.”

Audio Dramas on Dramafy

Available online and on mobile apps, Dramafy hopes to be the preeminent destination for Audio Drama listeners. The website, beta launched in December, 2020, and officially launched in July of 2021. With this call for submissions, Dramafy hopes to curate the broadest collection of Audio Dramas that are appropriate for all audiences in the market. 


Like a “Netflix for Audio Dramas,” Dramafy plans to offer shows from Content Creators around the world in addition to creating original works. In December, 2020, Dramafy added the Audio Drama adaptation of “A String of Pearls,” recorded exclusively its service. Their next, “Coming Home,” will hit the site in March.  Other original works are also in production.

Praise for Dramafy from Beta Users

Beta users of the website praise Dramafy and are excited for expanded offerings and the forthcoming mobile app.

“I love the layout and the atmosphere of the website,” said Greg Klomp of Park City, Utah. “I can think of many, many types of people who will get a kick out of it.  Many will become daily addicts to your website!”

Vernon Castleton, of Nashville, said about his experience on Dramafy, “I absolutely love it! Great entertainment for the mind. I can’t wait to see your library grow.”

Submit Audio Dramas

To submit Audio Dramas, they must be scripted works with a full cast and full sound design, and they must meet the content standards of Dramafy. Works can be submitted for review any time through a simple process on the Dramafy website.

Submit Your Audio Dramas Now!

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