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Reignite Your Imagination!

Haven’t we all experienced it? That pounding heartbeat and rush of fear when you hear the creak of the loose floorboard outside your bedroom door in the middle of the night? Or the absolute terror felt when you hear a scary ghost story told around a campfire?

Or perhaps you remember that romantic mood created by the sounds of a crackling fire and a mellow love ballad playing softly in the background?

Or the contagious effect of a lot of people laughing heartily? There is a reason that traditional TV sitcoms have a canned laugh track. The sounds of laughter make us want to laugh too!

Sounds and a good story can conjure up intense feelings of fear, joy, and pain. Going back to ancient times, men, women and children gathered together to listen to storytellers. Long before motion pictures or video streaming, our ancestors were experiencing far-off places or heroic adventures, passing on their history and shared values, all through the power of their imaginations and a good story!

Dramafy wants to continue and build on that tradition of great storytelling, helping you as our audience reignite your imagination through the power of sound and a compelling story! On our site you will find wonderful audio dramas -- captivating stories brought to life by great actors, enhanced by sound effects and music-- that can enlighten, entertain and engage you as a listener. Think of it as a movie for the ears!

There will be something for every listener -- comedies, mysteries, heartbreaking drama, suspense, science fiction and fantasy, children’s tales and even old-time radio! We intend to seek out entertaining stories for all ages, cultures and points of view. First and foremost, we are all about telling a great story!

Best of all, we’ve designed Dramafy so you can take your stories with you – whether commuting to work, running errands, or jogging in the park! Perhaps you are washing dishes or pulling weeds in the garden, it doesn’t matter. Our stories are designed to be told in short segments. You can listen from your phone, your tablet or computer, and pick up right where you left off!

So, sit back, relax and explore the world of your imagination! We know you will love these stories as much as we do!

Stream your favorite audio dramas anytime, anywhere.

Access 100+ shows on your desktop or mobile devices with our iOS and Android apps by subscribing today!

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