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Evolution of My Listening!

I have always been one to love a good story! As a child, on the wings of my imagination and a great narrative I could travel to far off places, live vicariously through the adventures of my heroes, and almost smell and taste the exotic aromas and foods found in distant markets.

As a young adult, I found National Public Radio, and became addicted to listening to powerful story-telling and journalism regarding current events and the human condition. I’ve experienced hundreds of “driveway moments” when I continued to sit in my car listening until a compelling story concluded, despite having arrived at my destination. True confessions, I’ve never been much of a fan of commercial radio. The constant squawk of deejays hawking this product or that, is too much for me.

In recent years I’ve devoured audio books, finding myself once again transported by the spoken word -- first on cassette tapes, then CDs checked out from the library, and finally by enrolling in Audible. I have more than 200 great audiobooks downloaded onto my devices, but at $14.95 + per book it adds up, and I find it difficult to justify the expense when, as much as I love a good book, I don’t tend to go back and listen to it multiple times. It’s the same reason I haven’t bought a hardback novel or even a paperback in a dog’s age. My shelves are full of books that I haven’t touched in years!

That’s why I am so drawn to and am excited about Dramafy, this new streaming service for audio fiction. Audio dramas are great stories, performed by a talented cast of voice actors, accompanied by great sound and music design. They range from classics of old-time radio to modern stories of suspense, adventure, romance, fantasy and more.

Best of all? I can listen free if I want to put up with a few ad breaks. Or for less than the cost of a hamburger or cup of coffee, I can subscribe and get an entire month of listening pleasure!

Listening on my phone, which I always have with me, is a breeze, and I don’t have to schlep around a book, or mess with CDs or another device, especially since my newer model car no longer has a CD player! The audio dramas are typically divided into 15-20 minute (+/-) episodes, so I can listen for a few minutes when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, commuting to work, or while doing the dishes! And then pick up at the same spot, the next time.

What’s not to like? It is inexpensive, accessible, and it fits my schedule and listening habits!

Count me in!!

Stream your favorite audio dramas anytime, anywhere.

Access 100+ shows on your desktop or mobile devices with our iOS and Android apps by subscribing today!

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