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Need a good fright?  We have some of the best horror audio dramas with groovy, gruesome goblins to listen to, not to mention murder, murder and more murder because face it...a good murder is fun!

Join us in haunted houses with mysterious goings on and find ghouls and even a human or two, who wreak havoc on the occupants who are foolish enough to enter!

Best of Horror

Ready to be scared out of your pants? Dramafy has a great collection of horror audio dramas ready to stream 24/7. Click the image to listen to a few samples below!

New to Dramafy


Poe Theatre on the Air

Part radio drama, part podcast, and all Edgar Allan Poe. A new spine-tingling play for your ears, adapted from America’s most famous horror and suspense writer. Gothic frights, by The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre.

Top Horror Audio Dramas

Stream your favorite audio dramas anytime, anywhere.

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