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We all need to be swept away into a different place and time, now and again, and these fantasy audio dramas will do the trick!

We've got fantastical creatures, magical fairies and pixies, dungeons, dragons, and evil queens and step mothers.  

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Ready to join some amazing characters as they travel through time and into fantastical lands? Dramafy has a great collection of fantasy audio dramas ready to stream 24/7. Click the image to listen to a few samples below!

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A Streetcar Named Le Petit Lafitte

The adventures of Little Louie Lafitte, the littlest pirate New Orleans has ever known. “Le Petit Lafitte” was an old abandoned street car that Little Louie came upon in a cemetery. Curious, he stepped inside and discovered the seats we’re filled with skeletons wearing eye patches and bandannas. Suddenly, they all opened their jaws and emitted a hair-raising “Harr Harr Harr!” But Little Louie Lafitte, being a direct descendent of the famous Pirates Lafitte, knew these gleeful skeletons were itching for a good, devilish adventure. And so, on fog shrouded nights, that ghostly street car would appear out of the mist, to stop, and open its doors for tipsy, unsuspecting tourists. The locals knew better, they’d never step aboard, not unless they wanted the scariest ride of their life! Good for children 5 and up… and then some.

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