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As Robert Duvall said, "The English have Shakespeare, the Americans have Westerns!"  And do we have Westerns!

We have cowboys (some sing, some don't), Marshalls, outlaws, saloon girls, cowgirls, ranchers, and ranch hands.  Some are smart, some are stupid and some are savvy.  But they all have one thing in common.  

They're in a Western!

Best Westerns (not the motel)

Ready to join some characters as they embark on new escapades? Dramafy has a great collection of western audio dramas ready to stream 24/7. Click the image to listen to a few samples below!

New to Dramafy


Alabaster Flats

Welcome to Alabaster Flats: The Self-Aware Western. Name's Whiskers. You heard about the strange happenins' here, hmm? Biggest mystery this side of the Pecos. We've suffered, or rather, experienced 17 sheriffs in 30 days and we don't know why. While you're here you'll probably meet Miss Sofia. She runs the Short Stick Saloon. Try to steer clear of Morgan's Mercantile, and whatever you do, don't let deputy Wyatt Chirp tell you a story. You'll thank me later. Oh, and be sure to say howdy to our newest and 17th Sheriff, Patrick Henley. We'll see how long he lasts.

Top Western Audio Dramas

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