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Science Fiction

What made you a Science Fiction fan?  Jules Verne?  Ray Bradbury? Doctor Who? Then tune in to some of the wonderful new adventures!

Travel to the outer reaches of the universe or just the limits of your imagination with some of the best sci fi audio dramas around!  They're out of this world!  Literally!

Best of Science Fiction

Ready to join some characters as they embark into new frontiers? Dramafy has a great collection of sci fi audio dramas ready to stream 24/7. Click the image to listen to a few samples below!

New to Dramafy

Anne Manx and the Ring of Minotour

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Anne Manx is back -- with a vengeance! The eagerly-awaited sequel to Lives Of The Cat hurls us into a web of intrigue swirling around an ancient temple, a mysterious ring - and a legend that offers the chance for someone to actually become a god. Jean Richmond's murderous lunge for ultimate power forces Anne Manx to risk her own soul for revenge. This gripping SF thriller stars Claudia Christian (from TV's Babylon 5) as the hard-driving future detective, B5's Patricia Tallman as the evil Richmond, and Alexandra Tydings("Aphrodite" on Xena) as Charlotte Miller. Magnificent performances, escalating suspense, and slam-bang action will hold you riveted! 

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