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Need a little mystery if your life?  Who doesn't!  And what's more thrilling than listening to a "who done it" and figuring out "who done it" before the sleuth figures out "who done it"?

From murder to mysterious goings on, join a clever cadre of detectives as they craft together the puzzle pieces from the "usual suspects" to discover the culprit of the crime!

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Ready to join some characters as they try to out-sleuth the sleuth? Dramafy has a large collection of mystery audio dramas ready to stream 24/7. Click the image below to listen to a few samples!

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BRASS: Missives

A new criminal boss has come to London and she’s making her presence known—shaking down smaller gangs, pulling off some daring heists, offering up an Assassination Agency for criminals. Her name is the Angel of Blood, and she’s got a secret history that involves the Brass family. In this new series of stand-alone episodes, we hear the story from some unlikely perspectives, including other criminals, members of the Brasses, and a certain Mechanical Detective--and all via a series of notes, letters and editorials.

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